Did your car dealer, bank or insurance company recommend SecuriPack?

Protect your vehicle against theft and benefit from additional services via the SecuriPack mobile application!

The mobile application

Thanks to the SecuriPack application, you can stay in touch with your vehicle 24/7 and benefit from practical everyday services:

  • Location of the vehicle
  • Set up surveillance zones with entry and exit alerts for each zone
  • Vehicle protection (alerts in the event of abnormal movement)
  • Summary and details of your journeys
  • Maintenance tracking: next service, odometer reading* and fuel level*.

* Depending on the model of geolocation box selected

The SecuriPack Call Center

Our call center is at your disposal to provide 24/7 assistance in the event of a problem. Has your vehicle been involved in an accident or stolen? Call the SecuriPack Center for assistance and remote immobilization in the event of theft.

As an option, you can subscribe to the "assisted recovery" service: our agents coordinate the search for law enforcement agencies (or specialized companies) to safely recover the stolen vehicle.

Geolocation box and immobilizer relay

Your car dealer installs the security system on your vehicle before delivery. It consists of a latest-generation geolocation box, coupled with an immobilizer relay, enabling the vehicle to be immobilized remotely in the event of theft.

Whatsapp SecuriPack Community

Like you, many customers have chosen SecuriPack to secure their vehicles. Joining the SecuriPack community on Whatsapp means being part of a privileged club where everyone can provide valuable tips for the recovery of your vehicle in case of theft.