24 hours a day - 7 days a week

  • Geolocate your vehicle in real time 24/7
  • Define surveillance zones (entry/exit)
  • Be alerted to anomalous movements
  • Immobilize your vehicle remotely in the event of theft
  • Benefit from additional services

Locate your vehicle 24/7 from your smartphone

The on-board security system allows you to see your vehicle's position in real time, as well as other important information: ignition on or off, speed, mileage and fuel level* (*depending on type of box).

Define surveillance zones

SecuriPack lets you define 2 surveillance zones of your choice: home, workplace, vacation destination....
You decide whether you want to receive an alert when the vehicle enters and/or leaves this zone. As soon as the event occurs, you'll receive a notification on your phone and in the app. You can change these zones as often as you like.

Protect your vehicle

SecuriPack lets you place your vehicle under protection. As soon as you activate it, if the vehicle moves, you are immediately notified and can check its position in real time on the SecuriPack app.

Immobilize your vehicle in case of theft

Has your vehicle been stolen? Thanks to your mobile application, you can locate it with precision. Contact the SecuriPack 24/7 call center to have the vehicle immobilized to facilitate its recovery.

Be notified of your next revision

SecuriPack shows you the next due date for your service in kilometers or time. A well-maintained vehicle is a safer vehicle!
The application also displays your vehicle's odometer and fuel level * (*depending on box type).

The SecuriPack Center at your service 24/7

Call or send a message to the Security Center directly from the Securipack application. Our operators are at your service in the event of an accident or theft of your vehicle.

  • In the event of an accidentIf you wish, we can call the emergency services and direct them to your position.
  • In the event of theftWe can immobilize your vehicle remotely as soon as it is no longer in motion. If you wish, we can contact the police to report the theft and inform them of the vehicle's location.

Alert the SecuriPack community if your vehicle is stolen

SecuriPack is a complete vehicle security solution, but it's also a community on Whatsapp. By reporting the theft of your vehicle to the solution's customers, you increase your chances of recovering your vehicle more quickly.

What's more, our call center takes care of everything: we immobilize the vehicle remotely and contact the police or a specialized company (optional) to provide them with the GPS coordinates of the stolen vehicle. The vehicle is recovered quickly and securely.

Securipack is a trademark of Optimum Corporation,

a specialist in connected vehicles, created in 2006 and present on 3 continents.